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    You must be logged in to create a Challenge Reading Gallery.

    Go to your profile by clicking your profile pic or user name in the right column or black menu bar at the very top of the screen. Once there, click Media in the profile menu.

    Click Media

    From the resulting submenu, click “Albums”

    Click Albums

    You’ll get a page called Album List. Click on “Options”, then click “Add Album” (hard to see in this pic) from the gray popup menu.

    Click options, then Add Album

    Name your new album with the name of the Challenge list you’re reading, then click “Create Album.”

    Name and describe your new gallery

    Notice that a new default icon appears on the Album list page, with your challenge title underneath. Click on it!

    Now to add pics to the gallery

    This is your Album page. Since you just created it, you don’t have any pictures in it yet. Let’s fix that. Make sure you have a book cover image handy for the book you’re reading (200 or so pixels wide is plenty, findable with a quick google search). Click “Upload.”

    Click upload

    Just like with your profile and cover photos, you can select your files here. HOWEVER, this time you can upload more than one at a time.

    Select your files

    Once you’ve located one or more book covers, click “Start Upload.”

    Start Upload

    Now let’s add some information to each pic. Hover over a cover and choose “EDIT” (the top option–the other is DELETE).

    Edit cover pics

    Enter details about this title and how it fits into the challenge. Click the SAVE button.

    Enter specifics

    If you go back to your Media or Activity tab, you’ll see your new additions. And if you click on one…


    …you’ll see a box very much like this. SUCCESS!


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