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    After you have activated your account, log in.

    Log in

    You will be taken to your main profile activity feed. Click on the word Profile to access the profile editing submenu.

    Click Profile

    From the new submenu, choose “Change Profile Photo.” This will take you to an upload screen for the smaller square main profile photo. Just like any other social media platform, this is the photo that will appear next to comments and activities.

    Click "Change Profile Photo"

    Now choose “Select Your File” or just drag and drop.

    Choose Upload

    You’ll be presented with a crop box. Drag the box handles to encompass the portion of the image you want (even if it’s the whole image!) and click Crop Image.


    You’ll be taken back to the profile edit menu screen, this time with your new profile photo in place.  Now choose “Change Cover Image”

    Change Cover Image

    As before, select your file. Note that the optimal size is 700×225 pixels. You won’t be prompted to crop.

    Select file

    You’ll get the same screen, but you’ll be able to see how your cover image looks. If you like it, simply navigate away and all is saved. If you want to tweak, simply choose another file.


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