How It Works

Step 1: Pick a challenge

Step 2: Read

That’s it?

Yep. That’s it.

While we would love for you to register, and create a profile, and participate in the challenge community, you don’t have to. You do not have to sign up or formally commit to anything. You can find publicly available challenge details, pick one, and read.

If you choose simply to read completely on your own, YAAAYYY! We’re mostly introverts here, so we totally get it. Our primary goal is to encourage and facilitate reading.

You can choose any challenge at any time.

We do have a semi-weekly Featured Challenge. If it appeals to you, we invite you to jump in. Our hope is that several new Challengers will jump into the same challenge around the same time and be able to hold each other accountable, and perhaps help encourage each other, and find new reading material because they’re reading from the same general challenge list. While the site/community is still small and growing, the several-Challengers-at-once thing may or may not actually happen, but if you do choose to sign up and participate, you’ll be helping build the foundations of this website for future Challengers.


When we say “a book a week”, we’re generally speaking about a work that is around 35,000 words or more and written in prose form (except poetry and dramatic works). Of course, neither of these guidelines is peremptory.  The goal is simply to READ, after all.

Also, audio books count!!

Ebooks count!

Library books count!


Again, it is not necessary to sign up in order to choose a challenge and read. However, there are some perks to signing up!

  • More challenge lists!
  • Customizable profile where you can share your reading thoughts and tastes and what you’re currently reading, and keep a gallery library of favorite books, recently read books, etc.
  • Profile badges for completed challenges.
  • Participate in challenge discussion forums.
  • Share your own suggested reading lists.